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All our açaí comes from the best plantations of Brazil, offering the essence of fruit with unparalleled flavor.

The choice of the name of the Best Acai brand was precisely due to the proposal to have the best açaí expresso of the Market.

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The best açaí since 2016

Passionate about açaí, like most of the Brazilian population, the entrepreneur Roberto França decided in 2016 to undertake the with the proposal to transform the Acai Express into a of higher quality, with a flavor so intense that it is compared with the delicious and traditional açaís served in bowls, promoting the full satisfaction of the lovers of the fruit that, Due to modern life and the daily rush, they opt for a faster food, but without giving up pleasure.

The idea took shape and the Best Acai network started its operation in 2017 with 3 (three) units own, simultaneously opened, all in Goiânia - GO: one at the Pró-Corpo Academy, another at Carrefour and another at Garden Planalto.

In 2018 the network consolidates as a franchise and has a of bold expansion. For this to happen, we are making the necessary investments on all fronts, and of course, in search of partners who believe in our concept in our value proposition and that will contribute to and build a very successful future with us because we have the full conviction that TOGETHER, WE DO BETTER!

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