Be A Best Acai Franchisee

Franchises from BR-R$ 58,000.00

Are you wondering if you should become a Best Acai partner? There are 5 reasons to close business with us.

  • 1- Acai more concentrated and tastier
  • 2- Acai Mix with Ninho
  • 3- We offer a healthy mix of products
  • 4- Diversified store models
  • 5- Less fees and more profit!


Offer a varied mix of healthy, fast and tasty products for people of all ages, contributing to the improvement of people's quality of life in a sustainable way.


To be a benchmark in the food network segment and have partners throughout Brazil and abroad, leading a new concept that can benefit the entire chain in 3 years.


Love, dedication, zeal, respect, professionalism, innovation, sustainability.

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